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Leonardo DiCaprio and over 2,000 individuals and 400 institutions are now committed to pulling their money from fossil fuel companies, together representing a remarkable $2.6tn of investments. A new analysis shows the value of the funds committed to selling off their investments in coal, oil and gas companies has rocketed in the last year, rising 50-fold. Major pension funds and insurance companies have joined the universities and churches that founded the divestment movement, all of whom fear the impact of climate change on both the world and the value of their investment portfolios.

Ten UK universities divest from fossil fuels
The Guardian UK
Ten UK universities with endowments worth £115m are in the process of moving their money out of fossil fuels ahead of crunch UN climate change talks in Paris later this month. The University of Surrey, the University of Arts in London (UAL) and Oxford Brookes University are divesting their respective £42m, £3.9m and £1.6m endowments from all fossil fuel companies.

Stanford Students Stage Sit-In, Want University To Divest From Fossil Fuels
CBS SF Bay Area
More than 100 students are holding a sit-in at Stanford University Monday afternoon to call on school leaders and administrators to divest from the fossil fuel industry. The students are outside university president John Hennessy’s office and have no plans to leave until the college declares a divestment from the fossil fuel industry, student Yari Greaney said.

Thomas Piketty calls for investors to divest from fossil fuels ahead of climate talks
The Guardian UK
Thomas Piketty has called for investors to move their money out of fossil fuels ahead of landmark UN climate change talks. The French economist, along with ‘ecological economist’ Tim Jackson, authors of the respective bestselling books Capital in the Twenty-First Century and Prosperity Without Growth: economics for a finite planet, said that investors should divest from a sector with a business model “at odds with physical realities”.

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