- Energy Crisis in India
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Energy and Oil Crisis in India

Serious discussion of energy and related themes in India is restricted to specialists and held behind closed doors. This is something we can no longer afford, especially so, since we have embraced a high energy input development model, despite having to meet most of our energy needs through oil imports. This has serious implications when seen in the context of Peak Oil.

About Peak Oil India

India is facing a big energy crisis. As the second most populous nation in the world, year after year, India is continuously ranking as one of the biggest consumers of energy in the world. Here at Peak Oil India, we are going to explore this topic further and delve into analysis and discussions to bring awareness to people.

Peak Oil – Fact or Fiction?

There is a big debate over Peak Oil and whether it is a reality or just another conspiracy theory. The truth is oil resources, and other fossil fuels are depletable. Now the real question is – when they are going to cease to exist? There is no clear consensus among experts. Some argue that we have not even scraped the surface of the earth and it’s resources, while others say that we have far surpassed the Peak Oil extraction and increase in price is inevitable. The matter of fact is the sooner we can limit our dependence on natural resources and turn to renewable energy the better off we will be as a civilization in the years to come.