Note: Sagar Dhara, one of the  founder-members of the Peak Oil India group, will coordinate the session on energy at this upcoming conference at Aligarh Muslim University. 

What is our share of energy in nature?  How should we distribute it?

Search for a roadmap to a sustainable, equitable and peaceful human society

27-28 Dec 2013, 2 pm onwards

As part of the

XXXVII Indian Social Science Congress, Aligarh Muslim University, 27-31 2013

Human society faces unprecedented challenges today.  Global warming, peak oil, overdraw of energy from nature, rapid deterioration of the environment and of life support systems, and extreme inequity threaten to tear the fabric of human society to shreds.  Their impact—rise in global temperatures and variation in precipitation and their attendant consequences on every aspect of the environment, food and water insecurity, mass hunger, deprivation and disease, lawlessness, and possibly a civilizational collapse.



Written by AbdulGilo