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Call for Papers: Indian Society for Ecological Economics


The 8th Biennial Conference of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE)



Hosted by

Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


4 – 6 January 2016

Rapid urbanization and industrialization-led economic growth are the quintessential features of developing country landscapes, particularly in South Asia. Urbanization brings about dramatic changes in local environments, occupying land and water bodies, creating air pollution and heat island effects. It places demands on regional resources such as water and agriculture. Urban areas and industry dump their solid waste and effluents onto peri-urban areas, remote islands or deep beneath the oceans. The growth of industry, which promises and at times provides more jobs, legitimizes this demand for resources, the creation of new slums and gentrified spaces, different gender relationships, lifestyle changes and health impacts. Urban lifestyles also set the benchmark to which others aspire, and therefore the ecological footprint they will generate.

INSEE, an association of professionals interested in issues at the interface of ecology, economy, and society, invites submissions of original papers and panels of papers addressing these concerns at its 8th Biennial Conference, which focuses on“Urbanization and the Environment”.

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Workshop: Introduction to Permaculture and Forest Farming, Bangalore, Oct 28-30

Permaculture Patashala

When: 28-30th (Wed-Fri) Oct 2018

Where: Bhoomi Campus (Sarjapur Road) & Bhoomi Gurukul Farm, Bengaluru.
Instructor: Shri. Narsanna Koppula, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, Telangana.
Course Fees: INR 3000 to be paid to Bhoomi College.
To register: Drop a mail to OR call at +91-9449051027 (limited seats).

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Announcing the second Ecologise! farm workshop

Date: November 14 -15, 2018
Venue: Suman Sangam– A forest farm (village  Daddi Kamalapur (Dharwad — Panaji (Goa) highway) Dharwad, Karnataka, India)
Host: Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni

Ecologise is a programme through which those living in cities can explore living in an ecologically more sensitive and sustainable manner. Specifically, it is a programme involving stay and work on an organic farm for varying periods, as a volunteer. The programme will be preceded by a weekend orientation  workshop , during which the participant may decide which farm they wish to work on, and for how long. The duration will vary according to the needs and land cycles of each farm. There will be a few ‘break periods’ during which participants can go home or travel. It is possible that participants may not be in a position to commit for a longer period. They can still attend the orientation workshop. Read more…

Event: Bhoomi Utsav 2018 – Oct 2, Bangalore

Bhoomi College

Go Organic! Tune in with Mother Earth!  

Date: Oct 2  2018   Time: 10 am to 6 pm        

Venue: the new Bhoomi Campus, (New Gate, Before Prakriya, Chikkanayakana Halli Rd) under the sky and trees Read more…

Course: Environment, Society and Well-being (Pune, June 2018)

Kalpavriskh Monsoon School: Perspectives on Environment, Society and Well-being

As the world hurtles towards greater ecological devastation, inequalities, and social conflicts, a big question facing us is: are there alternative ways of meeting human needs and aspirations, without trashing the earth and without leaving half of humanity behind? Across India (as in the rest of the world), this question is being answered by a multitude of practices and initiatives, some new, some age-old, the visions and stories of which are rarely shared in dominant discourses or through mainstream media.

Situated within this context, Kalpavriksh is organising a week long monsoon course on ‘Perspectives on environment, society and well-being’. The course, being organised for the second year, attempts to reflect on the Indian environmental history and contemporary perspectives including ideas and practices in conservation, development and governance. It also discusses some of the existing alternative discourses in India which pay greater attention to social justice and environmental sustainability.

This course will comprise of a series of sessions focusing on sharing of experiences by some of the people involved in research, advocacy and interventions related to these issues through discussions, readings, screenings and a field trip.

When and Where
Week long course during end of June, 2018, in or around Pune, Maharashtra.

How to join us?
Anyone interested in these issues can be a part of the course. For further information on this, please email us at
This is an initial announcement and further details about fee, venue and exact dates will follow.


About the organisers
Kalpavriksh is a non profit organisation working on environmental and social issues. The group began in 1979 with a campaign led by students to save Delhi’s Ridge Forest. We work on local, national and global levels, are registered under the Societies Registration Act (S-17439) and are based in Delhi and Pune. Kalpavriksh believes that a country can develop meaningfully only when ecological sustainability and social equity are guaranteed, and a sense of respect for, and oneness with nature, and fellow humans is achieved.

Workshop: Conservation, Environmental Protection and Equity (Vizag, 28-29 March)

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 28-29 March 2018

A one and a half day workshop titled Ecological Resources Conservation, Environmental Protection and Equity Movements will be held on 2829 March as part of the XXXVIII Indian Social Science Congress to be held in Andhra University, Visakhapatnam between 29 March and 2 April 2018. The focal theme of the congress is Knowledge systems, scientific temper and the Indian people.

The object of this workshop is to explore the possibility of finding common ground for the three types of people’s movements to dialogue and work together and to understand the practical linkages between local issues on which movements take place and their global causes.

The workshop is largely for activists from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and will be conducted in Telugu. The activists should have participated in struggles against inequality or destructive development projects, or participated in conservation movements. Interested activists from other states may attend. The organizers will assist them to have whisper translation done. Read more…

Bangalore meeting with Naresh of Transition Town Totnes

totnesTransition Towns is a world wide living experiment in how to shift our current system of unequal, growth based consumption, to one where all are living well in times of change and within our planetary boundaries. The transition movement now has many examples of how local, small scale change can influence social and political systems.

Naresh Giangrande, co founder of the first Transition Town Totnes in the UK is touring India over February and March 2018. Naresh is happy to share the learning the Transition Movement has developed. He is also excited by how India is tackling problems of sustainability and how that learning can be used in other countries and in other contexts.

Date: 26th February, 2018
Venue: Ashirwad, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore
Time: 6 pm – 9 pm
Contact person: Stanley Ravi (Mob: 9886705452, Email:

– for talks, donations would be welcome but are not essential.
– for trainings some sort of exchange is welcome.

Transition Network Logo - Home
For more information, visit the Transition Network website, or visit their Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Living in a World with Limited Resources – Sirsi, Feb 21

Date: 21 Feb 2018 , Time: 3.00pm-6.00pm
Venue: A.V Hall, Don Bosco High School, Sirsi
Speakers: Mansoor Khan and Sagar Dhara

Growth is considered to be the fundamental characteristic of any healthy economic system. This growth is fuelled by the easy availability of fossil fuel, which is a limited natural resource formed over millions of years. We have now reached a stage where half the available source of Oil has been consumed. Exponential growth continues, but the source of fuel that was driving it is half empty. What will happen now? What will happen to the economic systems that depended on this fuel? What will happen to the stock markets, to the manufacturing industry, to our agricultural sector, to transport, to everything that we have got used to? What will happen to our lives?

This talk by two experts will provide us a clearer understanding about a topic that mainstream media and even economists have refused to talk about. They attempt to unravel the complex principles of Energetics to explain why the current rates of growth based on fossil fuels cannot be sustained any longer. They will point out the signs of economic collapse that awaits us in the not-too-distant future. A historical exploration of how we got into the current mess, will be presented. Some alternative paths to avert this disaster will also be discussed. The presentations will be followed by an open discussion.

For more information, contact:
George Varghese +91.9481278348
Dr Giridhar +91.9448115363
Vinish Gupta +91.8762071817

Upcoming events in Hyderabad

“The shape of post carbon society and the hazy road to get there”
Time and date: 6.30 pm, Sat, 17 Jan 2018
Place: Cerana Foundation office, D-101 Highrise Apartments, Lower Tank Bund Road (next to Courtyard Marriott Hotel), Hyderabad. Tel: 2753 6128.
Message from the organiser (Sagar Dhara): Some of our friends were in Lima during the 20th COP meet on climate negotiations that happened last month, a topic we discussed in our last meeting. If these friends are available, we can have a short report on what happened in Lima before we start discussing the above topic.
Please let me know if you are in. And you are welcome to bring along others who may be interested in this subject or forward this info to them. You could also stay back to discuss the more contentious issues over a dinner (makki ki roti and sarson da saag for anyone?) at the nearby dhaba.
For more information on the topic, contact Sagar Dhara at:
Seminar on water conservation at Pious College, near Habsiguda Junction. Those interested in the subject may contact Ms Prabhalata at and request her for an invitation for the 2 day seminar (23-24 Jan) on Water conservation.  There will be a talk by Sagar Dhara at 12 noon on 23rd Jan titled: “To conserve water bodies, all three global commons – water, land and atmosphere – need to be conserved“.
A conference on Climate Change will be held at HCU in the first week of February. Email Sagar Dhara at for details.

Two Talks with Bill McKibben – 7th November, Hyderabad

Bill McKibben, American environmentalist, author and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming, heads, which recently organised the People’s Climate March in New York, attended by an estimated 400,000 people. McKibben is the winner of the 2013 Gandhi Prize, Right Livelihood Award or the Alternative Nobel, and the Thomas Merton Prize. He holds honorary degrees from 18 colleges and universities. Foreign Policy listed him under their inaugural list of the world’s 100 most important global thinkers, and the Boston Globe called him “probably America’s most important environmentalist.”

Talk 1. Dirt-E-Talk,  7th November, Telugu University

The ‘Dirt-E-Talks’ series is an initiative to break the myth that fossil fuel based development is the only way for India to prosper. ‘Dirt-E-Talks’ is a small effort to kick start a mainstream discussion, largely amongst the youth, that will challenge the status quo of how India perceives and acts on its energy needs. These seminars will not only introduce important concepts like energy equity, unsustainable growth parameters, economic impacts of dependence on fossil fuel, but will also provide a platform for audiences to learn and interact with communities resisting dirty energy projects. Stories from frontline communities will leave a long lasting impact on people, urging them to think about injustice and inequalities arising out of current systems of generating energy.

Date :   Friday 7th November 2014
Venue: NTR Auditorium, Telugu University
Time :  5PM-8 PM

Online Registration, Confirmation & Seat Reservation:

Talk 2. Overcoming Energy Poverty without Dirty Energy, 7th November, St. Pious College for Women

Panel: Sri V Rajamani, Former Secretary, MoEF, Prof Kodandaram, Sagar Dhara (POI Founder-Member), Dr Thimma Reddy, K Raghu and othersDate: 7 November 2014 Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Venue: St. Pious College for Women, Snehapuri Colony (Behind IICT, Habshiguda-Nacharam Road).
For more information, contact Babu Rao Kalapala at:

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